2024-03-26 10:14:37

2024-03-26 10:14:37

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Living WaterLiving Water

How blessed I am to be living near water!  It cools us in the summer and moderates winter’s cold.  Its breezes keep the air fresh, its waves comfort me in the dark, and its beauty delights my vision.  I think of all the water symbolism in the Bible—forgiveness, refreshment, cleansing, and life itself.  Christ walked on the water, fished in the water, changed water into wine, baptized with water, and ultimately claimed to be the Living Water.  I thank you, Lord, not only for the water that surrounds me, but also for the life-giving water of your word.  May I drink deeply and often from its cleansing, flowing stream. Amen.

A Beach ReadA Beach Read

I passed a woman dozing on a lounge chair just at the water’s edge.  A paperback book was in the sand beside her, barely out of reach of the incoming tide.  I moved the book higher just as she opened her eyes.  “Oh, don’t bother,” she said, “I’m not really paying that much attention to the book anyway.  Let it float away.”  Her eyes closed again.  I am an avid respecter and defender of books, but her remark interested me.  How do I react to God’s book?  I read the Bible daily and have taken various study courses on its content, but do I really pay attention to what it says?  Is my life different because of its message or do I, like the woman, lie back, letting God’s book float way because the message might cause me pain or make me reorder my life?  Do I seriously consider the implications and demands God makes in His book?  Forgive me, Lord, when I treat the Bible as light reading; help me to apply its directives to my life.  Forgive my lazy disregard. Amen.

Where Beauty LiesWhere Beauty Lies

Our friends left today after their week’s visit with us.  Together we saw so many things—pelicans, egrets, herons, dolphins, alligators, hundreds of different shells, and crabs galore—just some of the life we witnessed.  I thought of all we witnessed and wondered if my friends’ love for the ocean was reflected in the ocean’s display on their behalf. Do those who walk in the world with love see a world made more loving because of their love reflected back to them?  Do I, as a Christian, move through  the day radiating God’s love and forgiveness in my own spirit of love and forgiveness?   Do I see more good in the world, just as my friends saw more on the island in a short time than I’d noticed before, because of their own love and respect for nature and God?  I wonder.  Please help me, Lord, to see the beauties you share with me, help me extend my knowledge of your world to others, and please forgive me when I choose to be blind to your love—a love reflected not only in your son Jesus, but also in the world you’ve given us. Amen.