2024-05-13 10:23:16

2024-05-13 10:23:16

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Cloudy WindowsCloudy Windows

  My windows are covered with salt spray, especially those that look on the ocean.  When I peer out, what I see is clouded and spotted, distorted by the deposits made in each tiny drop.  My life is sometimes like that.  I am distracted by tiny ‘things’ that leave their mark on my vision, distorting and marring the view.  Each drop is so minute, and yet the accumulated distortion affects all that I see.  Pettiness and resentment encrust my perspective, making me cross and depressed.  Seeds of selfishness cause small changes in my view until I see only what is blurred and misshapen.  How can I see your world clearly through windows that distort my vision and its clarity? I pray, O God, help me wash my spirit and scour away these distorting deposits.  May I look through eyes that are clear and loving; may I see others as you see them.  Please help me see through eyes washed with your water of love and forgiveness; help me see only as you see.

Fourth of July!Fourth of July!

Fourth of July!  If ever there is a summer celebration, it is this day when patriotism, vacations, and perfect outdoor weather coincide.  I’ll do my walk early this morning to avoid crowded roads and beaches.  The air will be ripe with the scent of hamburgers and hot dogs grilling, steaks over hot coals, damp potato chips and coleslaw.  I’ll hear children squealing in the surf, throwing bits of bun to seagulls, shouting as they run up and down the beach.  Tonight there will be fireworks that split the darkness and shower sparks of living color.  So much to celebrate, so many reasons to be grateful.  We are a free country, a freedom dearly bought and purchased with the death and sacrifices of those who defended her.  In the same way, I am free from sin and the permanence of death, a freedom purchased by the blood and death of Jesus Christ.  What reason to celebrate!  Lord, I come to your Sacramental Table to remember your sacrifice and to honor the anniversary of this occasion.  Please help me never forget my reason to celebrate freedom and the price you paid.

1st Annual Scout Jamboree!!1st Annual Scout Jamboree!!

November 11th 2019 we will be holding our first ever Scout Jamboree! All the scouts that have signed up this year and kids that want to sign up are invited to this dinner and informative gathering. We will share badges, ideas, and information about the future of the scouts. Starts at 6:30 at the Eastpoint UMC Youth and Children Center on 317 Patton Drive in Eastpoint.