Amy Shetrom

Amy Shetrom

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Our dock juts out into the bay, and when we pull up a rope that holds a float, I find it covered with barnacles.  I’m always surprised at how quickly they accumulate, these tenacious creatures who cement themselves to a foundation they’ve deemed sturdy.  The rope isn’t sturdy, of course, and so they’re pulled out of the water, left to dry in the sun’s heat.  Other barnacles, those who’ve adhered themselves to the dock supports, have a firmer foundation and will spend their lives in safety.  Like the barnacle who selects a slippery and unsafe home, I am sometimes tempted to fasten my faith to an unsuitable base.  Please Lord help me hold tightly to you, my safe harbor and rock of all ages. Amen.



I had to laugh this morning. A sand cliff had built up along the water’s edge, and a bird tried to hop to its crest. He was almost at the top when the sand crumbled and he tripped. He turned his head to glance over his shoulder, apparently wondering if I’d seen his clumsiness. How human he looked, hoping no one had noticed! I smiled because the bird was so like me, worried about looking foolish, hoping not to make mistakes, not wanting to appear clumsy or oafish. Sometimes I don’t speak out when I should for fear of looking foolish, sometimes I don’t react as quickly as I ought in a crisis for fear someone will misunderstand, and sometimes I am not honest in what I say for fear of looking ignorant. Forgive me, Father, when I worry more about how I look than about how I act. Help me remember that in you there is no foolishness, only wisdom. Amen.

Episode 010: Why Discipleship MattersEpisode 010: Why Discipleship Matters

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