Betsy Davies

Betsy Davies

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One Little StarOne Little Star

One Little Star

By Marilyn McCann

Just one little star glimmers through the inky darkness of the
night sky, lifting the shadows from my spirit and making me
smile. Since I was a child, I have loved the velvet softness of
twilight and the shroud of darkness as it gently falls upon the
earth. So, this was no small gift to me. Often sick as a little
girl, I was required to go to bed very early and there was
held captive by the glorious even-song of robins, raised as
hymns of praise to our Creator. Then, as darkness fell and
my sister slept in the next bed, I would tiptoe to the bedroom
window to gaze with awe and a deep sense of yearning at
the moon and stars in all their glory. Then and now there is
peace that descends upon my heart like velvet to my soul as
the sun sets, the moon rises and the stars make their grand
entrance; all in praise of the great I AM. It is the time of day I
always feel immensely close to God, even though I KNOW
he is present in every sunrise of every day. But I see
sunrise as a promise and sunset, moon rise as the answer to
that promise. Because just as the moon reflects and gathers
its’ inner glow from the sun, so we too reflect life giving light
from God’s very own precious Son. Pure gift!
Yes, tonight one little star brought a smile to my lips and joy
and peace to my heart, as once again I experience the
awesome tenderness and generosity of God’s love for me
expressed in the magnificence of the night sky.
Sun, moon and stars, by their very being, invite us to join
them in their worship-full praise of our Creator, while at the
same time providing us glimpses of the wondrous Love of
our very own Father God.


Free for All!Free for All!

  How quickly the thirsty sand has soaked up the rain from last night’s storm!  I worry about the thimbleberries since they need abundant water in order to develop their fruit.  I don’t need fresh thimbleberries; however, I’m most delighted that they are free, ready for the picking.  No price per pound, no checkout, no scan code.  I simply pick them, wash and sort, and they’re ready for me to eat or cook. Thimbleberries are a gift of the island, available to anyone who takes a pan for the picking.  How like God’s salvation they are!  Free for all!  There for the taking!  All that’s necessary is to go to God’s word with a believing heart and accept the gift—pick the berries and be nourished.  I thank you God for this gift and for the free salvation you offer to all of us. Amen.

Blending InBlending In

This afternoon I was watering a pot of petunias on the back deck when out hopped a frog, looking a bit annoyed at the soaking he suffered.  It was no surprise I’d missed seeing him, so perfectly did he blend in with the background.  His green/brown/gray mottled skin exactly matched the stems and leaves of the plant, enabling him to live there generally undetected.  Certainly this is no accident; in the animal world it’s not uncommon for creatures to come to resemble their environment.  I wonder about myself.  Have I come to resemble the people and situations with whom I spend my life?  Do I make an effort to try and seek out those people who will offer me a pattern of behavior that is Christ-like, or do I settle for something less, in an effort to be popular?  Please help me, Lord, to place myself against the example of your Son and try as much as possible to duplicate his love, forgiveness and compassion.  May I come to resemble the image of you in which I was created. Amen.