Today I attended a lunch in honor of a friend who is leaving the island, moving closer to her children.  The loss is a sad one, though I’m convinced she’ll be happier in a new setting.  As I age and watch friends leave, there is a painful sense of loss, the depletion that comes with losing those who have shared hours, experiences, and worship.  I take comfort in the assurance that in Christ we are all one flesh, joined in a spiritual union that is as real and enduring as physical proximity.  Prayer requires no bodily presence; it requires only the approach to God and the willingness to open our hearts and minds to Him.  I don’t know when I’ll see this friend again, but she will remain in my prayers as I will in hers.  That union of spirits joined in Christ is often stronger than bodies that meet.  I thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to pray for friends.  May my prayers on their behalf help us be joined in heart. Amen.

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