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Favorite Hymns

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   At church today we sang some of my favorite hymns, ones I remember best from childhood.  More and more I find myself recalling these old hymns.  They remain deeply rooted in my memory, like the wooden stake that sticks out of the ocean when the water level is low.  It marks a spot where I begin my walk, but it isn’t always visible.  Just when I think it’s been washed away by strong waves or heavy tides, it reappears, sturdy and tall.  So it is with these hymns and memory verses I learned as a child.  They come to my mind when I most need them, bringing their own sweet comfort.  The hymns, these verses, help me measure my walk with you.  Thank you, God, for the words written in my heart and mind, words you help me summon to the surface.  May your words never fade from my reach. Amen.

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