SGIUMC’s 1st Annual Golf Tournament and Mission Fundraiser was a big success in its first year, raising over $10,000 dollars through a combination of entry fees, sponsorships, and donations. After paying for the costs associated with the tournament, the remainder of funds will go to support our vital mission programs which are working to improve the lives of people in Franklin County, the state of Florida, and around the world.

Shooting a very respectable score of 60, the first place team consisted of Brock Johnson, David Varnes, Brett Johnson, and Jared Patterson.

                                                 The winning team

The second place team was really close behind, shooting a 61 by utilizing the talents of Mike Whaley, Johnny Sheridon, Melanie Collins, and Tyler Rainwater.

Incredibly, the third place team shot a 62, but it wasn’t enough to win and they had to settle for third place. The third place team consisted of Brian Brightly, Marty Stephens, Stacy Kirvin, and Alexus Johnson.

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