Fishers of Men and Women

Two fishermen were at the edge of the surf, fishing for whiting.  I watched as they landed several fish, each excited over the other’s catch, each carefully storing the fish in a cooler for later eating.  I’m reminded that Jesus chose fishermen as his first disciples, selecting those who had learned to net fish,  teaching them next to catch people.  Are there similarities in the two processes?  Certainly a fisherman must be patient, willing to take risks, to withstand uncomfortable surroundings, often returning empty handed, and most of all each must truly believe in what he does.  Help me, Father, to be an effective fisher—may I learn patience, risk, discomfort and rejection as I try to lead people to you.  Please increase my faith so my belief inspires others to seek you.  Help me to catch and land—truly to be your disciple. Amen.

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