We sang “Keep Your Eyes Upon Jesus” Sunday morning in church.  I love that hymn, but I wonder what the song asks.  Does it mean to look continually Heavenward?  I can’t live the future in this moment; I’m placed on this earth to do God’s work here and now—in the present.  I try to look into the face of Jesus in the world about me.  I see His face in the sky, in the ocean, in the sand and shells, the flowers and trees, and most particularly in the faces of those whom I love.  The face of Jesus can’t be something only witnessed by looking up into the skies; for me His face is most visible in the world His Father created, a world that still witnesses to His glory.  Help me, please Lord, to see the face of Jesus in all whom I meet, even those whose behavior seems not to bear that face.   May I especially see Jesus in them, reaching out, forgiving and asking forgiveness.  We all carry the face of Jesus—that is where I want my attention, my eyes, to be focused.


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