How quickly the thirsty sand has soaked up the rain from last night’s storm!  I worry about the thimbleberries since they need abundant water in order to develop their fruit.  I don’t need fresh thimbleberries; however, I’m most delighted that they are free, ready for the picking.  No price per pound, no checkout, no scan code.  I simply pick them, wash and sort, and they’re ready for me to eat or cook. Thimbleberries are a gift of the island, available to anyone who takes a pan for the picking.  How like God’s salvation they are!  Free for all!  There for the taking!  All that’s necessary is to go to God’s word with a believing heart and accept the gift—pick the berries and be nourished.  I thank you God for this gift and for the free salvation you offer to all of us. Amen.

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