I’m still combing through piles of catalogs, looking for gifts for friends and family, many of whom live out of state. I stop at each page and wonder if I will discover the gift best suited for people I love. When I do discover the ideal present, I then have to consider the additional costs of shipping, an expense that can add greatly to the original cost. “Shipping and Handling”–words which have to be evaluated and considered before an order can be placed, or they can double the cost of the gift. While I appreciate the effort that goes into delivering the gift to my door, when I add to that my cost of shipping It to the recipient (after all, I like to examine the gift first and wrap it myself, including a note of love), then I may have to select a different, perhaps less suitable choice. How fortunate I am that my Savior was delivered by God via Mary in Bethlehem, with no added charged tacked on. The manufacturer assumed the cost, and the price of salvation assumed by Jesus himself. Thank you, God, for the priceless gift that costs nothing but my faith and my acceptance. Amen.

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