On May 28, 2017, St. George Island United Methodist Church celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a special service and brunch to honor the hard work and dedication to the Lord that have marked this church since its founding. A great deal of hard work went in the planning of the event, with a special committee meeting for months prior in order to prepare. Members met multiple times to create special keepsake prayer beads for people attending the celebration. The musical performers practiced for hours on end, while our caretaker and landscaping crew worked extra hard to get the building and grounds in top condition.

Former pastors and members attended the celebration from around the country in a very special homecoming. Although the food was delicious, the fellowship was even more so that day. It truly speaks to the power of God’s love that small church formed on a tiny island could touch and influence so many lives. Not a group to rest on past success, the membership of SGIUMC has renewed its commitment to be a lighthouse for the Franklin County community and the world beyond.

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