A Gift in the Seaweed

As we walked on the beach this morning, my husband spotted a lure caught in seaweed. He picked it up, carefully removed the debris from the multiple hooks, and decided it was worth keeping. What a treasure—to find something on the beach that would have cost money to purchase—to find it there free for the taking! We both grinned with delight at our discovery, proud to be taking home a small gift from the sea. It is exciting to stumble across a bit of treasure—a coin, float, child’s abandoned toy, or a useable bobber. The idea of “something for nothing” is difficult to accept, especially in a culture where “you get what you pay for”. Thank God I don’t “get what I pay for”. All the money in the world could not pay the ransom of my soul, but God has placed this gift before me in the person of His own son, who died for my sins. I need do nothing more than take advantage of this gift, like picking up the lure on the beach today, and make it my own. Dear Heavenly Father, how grateful I am for the gift you set before me. Help me live my life with appreciation and thanks, directing others to their free gift as well. Amen.

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