When my husband and I moved to this island, more than 1000 miles from what had been home, we knew no one except for the real estate agent who sold us the lot. Finalizing the sale, he invited us to attend his church when we came here to live. Years later, after our house was built and we had moved in, we walked into that church and began worship. How wonderful it was to say in unison the words, “Our Father who art in Heaven…,” words that placed us in a family with a shared father, words that assured us of brothers and sisters in faith. No matter how distant from what was once home, God was there, waiting for us wherever we went. Though far from blood relatives, suddenly we were in the midst of spirit relatives, Christ’s family forming one body, welcoming us and making us part of His whole. He waiting for us here on the island! Dear Father, please let me never forget that you are not only my father, but Father to all. May I learn to share you with love and enthusiasm, adding new brothers and sisters to my family. Amen.

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