The strong spring winds make perfect weather for kite flying.  As I drive or walk, I see kites soaring overhead or diving and crashing against the sand.  There is a skill to kite flying, though someone who’s practiced can make it look easy.  I’ve tried to launch kites into the wind only to watch them plummet to the ground.  Wind alone is not enough; the wind’s loft must be harnessed and used correctly if the kite is to sweep and soar Heavenward.  In my own spiritual life, as well, it isn’t enough for God’s grace simply to exist; I must reach out and accept it, propelling myself into its currents so that I soar and ascend with its spirit.  Forgive me, Lord, when I insist on staying earthbound; help me to submit to your Spirit’s breath and soar with you. Amen.

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