Grabbing Hold

Lately I notice that crab claws seem to litter the beach.  The pincers look odd washing up on the shore’s edge, grasping and clinging to nothing at all.  When they were still attached to the crab, they were constantly in motion, holding fast to prey or reaching out and combing the sand for more to eat.  Now they lie inert and useless.  Is this a lesson for me, I wonder?  Do I spend too much of my time trying to ‘get’ things, trying to hold fast to what I have while acquiring still more?  Will my grasping hands be all that people remember, all that remains of my past?  Forgive me when I try to grab at the wrong things, when I’m unwilling to relinquish my hold on unimportant toys.  Help me hold fast to your gifts of grace and eternal life.  May I learn to open my hands and share your bounty with those in need. Amen.

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