We met friends for lunch today at a restaurant whose porch overlooks the bay.  Seabirds called and swooped, the clouds made their spectacular background mullet jumped in wide arcs, and the summer sun warmed our bare arms.  Just enough breeze played over us as we ate our seafood, making the setting comfortable, adding to our mutual enjoyment.  Driving home, I thought of the experience I’d just enjoyed.  How often I take for granted these precious times—a beautiful setting, people I love, good health, ample food, and peace like a sweet taste on my lips.  I often say the words, “Thank you, Lord, for this day,” but I don’t always let myself communicate how precious the day has been, how grateful I am for its goodness, how blessed I am to live in the moment here and now.  How blessed I am to be assured of a place set aside for me in eternity!  So I repeat now, “Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful day.  I give you praise and gratitude for the gifts you so richly shower upon me.” Amen.


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