Prayers from the Island Hermit Crab Faith

Hermit Crab Faith

This afternoon’s bayside walk revealed a host of hermit crabs, each meandering in the warm, shallow bay water.  Some had recently located new shells and appeared to be quite comfortable in roomy new quarters; others were obviously in need of larger accommodations.  Their bodies carried shells on top that were noticeably snug.  How wonderful it is that hermit crabs can move as they grow, appropriating new homes and comfortably growing into them!  What if humans could find new houses as their current conditions proved too cramped, exploring until a vacant space was available and then moving in.  While that’s not possible with regard to living quarters, it is certainly possible in terms of our relationship with God.  From the childlike faith of a small believer to the end-of-life faith of an elderly person, God grows with our ability to grasp His grace and spirit.  We have only to move into a deeper, richer level of faith, and that fit is made available to us.  Thank you, Lord, for the gift of growing faith.  Help me discipline myself so my faith increases and my knowledge of you broadens.  Thank you for welcoming me into ever larger quarters. Amen.

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