I love to watch children on the beach.  They approach the water with such energy and enthusiasm, rushing to splash into the foam, then stopping suddenly as they feel the power and surge of the waves striking their bodies.  Yesterday one child ran into the water, grew frightened, ran back safely to shore, ran back to the water, ran to shore, and kept up this scenario for a good ten minutes.  I know exactly how that child felt.  Perhaps it’s human nature, this approach/retreat pattern, even in our relationship with God.  I want to be close to God, want to turn my entire life over to him, want to trust fully in his promises, want to surrender—yet when I get in his presence, the power frightens me and I run back to the world for the security of the known and familiar.  The awesome presence of God overwhelms me.  I’m afraid, afraid to surrender.  Forgive me, Lord, when I run from you in fear.  Help me remember how often your messengers repeated, “Fear not….”  May I come to you trusting completely and in full faith, stepping into your presence like a child stepping confidently into the ocean. Amen.

**Painting above is titled “The Crush of Waves” by Corinne Hartley

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