Last night the wind blew so hard it battered my bamboo wind chimes, scattering bamboo lengths all over the yard below.  I thought during the night I could hear the jumbled sounds, but blithely rolled over and resumed my sleep.   Now we’ll have to collect, restring and realign the chimes if they’re to make music once again.   Sometimes I think I ignore too much jumbled music; people call me mentioning problems that overwhelm them.  I learn that someone in my neighborhood has fallen and been hurt, I’m told there is an urgent need for volunteers at the local hospital—I hear all of this, but choose instead to roll over and resume my own peaceful sleep, my own peaceful days.  Forgive me, Father, when I ignore the cries of those in need.  With careful attention, we can repair the wind chime, but broken spirits can’t be so easily put right.  Please help me to respond to all the jumbled music so I too can help put things right with your help. Amen.

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