Large or Small

I’ve noticed an interesting fact.  During the winter months when it is cold on the beach, only a few people pass me as I walk; some days I see no one else.  Almost all of these people stop or, at the very least, smile and give a nod of acknowledgement.  Today I walked on a sun-drenched, crowded beach, among a group of sunbathers, fishermen, swimmers, and beach sitters/walkers.  As individuals passed one another, there was no nod, no smile, no acknowledgement.  It’s as if the more people there are, the less friendly we become.  Is that true in churches too?  When there is a large congregation, do we hide in the crowd and fail to smile and greet one another, content to be separate and apart?  Are small congregations friendlier or is it that people feel more comfortable in small rather than large groups and make the necessary signs of greeting?  How does God want us to relate to one another regardless of church size?  Forgive me, Father, when I fail to greet my brothers and sisters.   Help me reach out to others most particularly in large groups where some may feel overwhelmed and lonely.  In all congregations, may I remember that you are the host and we all share your invitation, now joined as one. Amen.

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