Living Water

How blessed I am to be living near water!  It cools us in the summer and moderates winter’s cold.  Its breezes keep the air fresh, its waves comfort me in the dark, and its beauty delights my vision.  I think of all the water symbolism in the Bible—forgiveness, refreshment, cleansing, and life itself.  Christ walked on the water, fished in the water, changed water into wine, baptized with water, and ultimately claimed to be the Living Water.  I thank you, Lord, not only for the water that surrounds me, but also for the life-giving water of your word.  May I drink deeply and often from its cleansing, flowing stream. Amen.

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The Gift of ColorThe Gift of Color

 The redbud trees are in bloom on the mainland!  I tell myself I can see them across the bay, though I know that’s not really possible.  I want to see them, and so I imagine I can.  They provide a splash of spring color that my eyes soak up, as if they were pink lemonade foam.  I think, as I look at the sky, the ocean, and the sand, of the gift of colors.  Perhaps those who minister in the church often wear black with touches of white because it’s thought bright colors interfere with our ability to focus; they distract us with their splashes of frivolous color.  But for me, the gift of colors is crucial. Colors remind me that our God is a God of beauty who wants us to see and appreciate the world He’s given us.  Colors are a remnant of Eden, a world made perfect and wholly good.  I thank you, God, for colors and for the delight they bring into our everyday lives. Amen.





A warm spell has sparked the interest of biting flies on the beach. Landing on bare arms or legs, they give a nasty bite and fly off. My husband carries a fly swatter on his walk, carefully taking aim and quickly ending their food fest. Today more than five fell at his blows, and I suggested we ought mount their heads on a small post to carry as we walk, warning others of the consequences of attempting an attack. We laughed at the picture, but it made me think of the value of warnings. Sometimes, despite the warnings, I choose to do what I want, convinced that my way is better, confident that I’ll suffer no negative consequences. I have examples and warnings from both the Old and New Testaments, but I persist in making my own mistakes, suffering my own losses. I believe what the Bible tells me, and yet sometimes it seems to permeate so little into my conscience and actions. I need help, Lord, in hearing your word, in trusting its truth, in applying it to my behavior. Forgive me for failing to heed your warnings; please guide me into courses that are good for your service and for my eternal soul. Amen.

Wasted ThirstWasted Thirst

After a busy weekend, my beach walk reveals the trash of abandoned drinks—plastic and glass bottles, smooth plastic or foam cups, cooler jugs that have been broken and left behind. Each of these must have served a useful purpose, providing refreshment in the hot sun, cooling thirsty throats, replacing moisture lost in perspiration. What was refreshment to those who drank has become an eyesore to those who use the beach. I wonder about my sources of refreshment and what they may leave behind. When I speak out in angry petulance, I may feel momentarily refreshed, but what have I left behind? When my selfishness surges to the surface, I’m relieved at first, but what havoc have I caused in someone else’s life? Do I find relief at the expense of others? Father, you alone are the source of refreshment that never litters or creates waste. Help me turn to you and share your cooling forgiveness and love in a world littered with destructive thirst.