A very agitated man approached me on the beach this morning.  He’d set his keys down in the sand near a large piece of driftwood, a broken palm tree trunk, while he went swimming, but now he couldn’t locate them and he felt desperate.  His car, house, and rental keys were all on the same holder—how would he even get home?  Together we hunted and found the driftwood and keys.  The piece of trunk was much smaller and flatter from another perspective, making it difficult to find.  As he thanked me and left, I couldn’t help but appreciate his panic.   Our keys are vital to us; they open the doors we value most!  Without them we have lost our access and our authority.  How blessed we are that Jesus has promised us the Keys to the Kingdom given in faith.  These are the most vital keys of all, keys to our eternal life, and they are kept safely protected until we need them.  Thank you, Lord, for promising me the keys to your Heaven; may I, through your grace, never misplace or lose these keys. Amen.

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