Lost Keys

A very agitated man approached me on the beach this morning.  He’d set his keys down in the sand near a large piece of driftwood, a broken palm tree trunk, while he went swimming, but now he couldn’t locate them and he felt desperate.  His car, house, and rental keys were all on the same holder—how would he even get home?  Together we hunted and found the driftwood and keys.  The piece of trunk was much smaller and flatter from another perspective, making it difficult to find.  As he thanked me and left, I couldn’t help but appreciate his panic.   Our keys are vital to us; they open the doors we value most!  Without them we have lost our access and our authority.  How blessed we are that Jesus has promised us the Keys to the Kingdom given in faith.  These are the most vital keys of all, keys to our eternal life, and they are kept safely protected until we need them.  Thank you, Lord, for promising me the keys to your Heaven; may I, through your grace, never misplace or lose these keys. Amen.

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A Higher VisionA Higher Vision

My house is set high on stilts as protection from hurricanes. At first I found it odd living up high, as if I had a nest in the treetops and looked down on the ground from above. Now I’ve come to love my high perch and the perspective it provides. I can watch birds at eye level, see squirrels perform acrobatic leaps while I sit on the porch, I can hear the wind sough through the pine trees with its lovely fluid sound. I appreciate the increased visibility height provides, making it possible for me to see both the ocean and the bay while standing in the same spot. Living so high has also made me wonder about my own vision; do I tend to see life from a broad, high perspective, or do I settle for the lowest denominator, burying myself by accepting what is least noble in my own motives? Forgive me, Lord, when I seem to take my life and my blessings for granted, content with living on the ground floor. Please lift me with your spirit and help me raise others with the knowledge of you. Amen.

Caw, Caw, Caw!Caw, Caw, Caw!

As I walked to the beach this morning, a crow scolded me noisily from a post set into the sand. Apparently he was disturbed at my presence or perhaps he had a nest close by and didn’t want me around. Whatever the reason, he was extremely agitated, cawing with a hoarse voice until I moved out of range. So much upset over a harmless beachcomber! All that energy wasted in yelling at me, energy that could have been put to better use locating food or tending to a nest. But I can’t really fault the crow—I do the same thing. Too often I let small events overwhelm me, over-reacting as if they were crises. In the face of a small plumbing problem, a loose nail, a misplaced letter, I become overwrought. Why do I let these small setbacks reduce me to frustrated anger and annoyance—making as much disturbance as that angry crow. I call on God regularly when there are crises, when serious problems arise, but when the small disturbances of daily living arise, I react out of proportion. Please help me, Father to entrust you with my entire life. Give me the strength to live serenely even when there is disharmony. Please help me find your peace in all parts of my life. Amen.

Where Beauty LiesWhere Beauty Lies

Our friends left today after their week’s visit with us.  Together we saw so many things—pelicans, egrets, herons, dolphins, alligators, hundreds of different shells, and crabs galore—just some of the life we witnessed.  I thought of all we witnessed and wondered if my friends’ love for the ocean was reflected in the ocean’s display on their behalf. Do those who walk in the world with love see a world made more loving because of their love reflected back to them?  Do I, as a Christian, move through  the day radiating God’s love and forgiveness in my own spirit of love and forgiveness?   Do I see more good in the world, just as my friends saw more on the island in a short time than I’d noticed before, because of their own love and respect for nature and God?  I wonder.  Please help me, Lord, to see the beauties you share with me, help me extend my knowledge of your world to others, and please forgive me when I choose to be blind to your love—a love reflected not only in your son Jesus, but also in the world you’ve given us. Amen.