Mock Turtle Sighting

A small post juts out of the water near where I begin my beach walk. Visible only at low tide, it has become like an old friend, occasionally spotted in its familiar site. Today as I neared the post, a woman gestured excitedly to me. “Look, look,” she said, “ there’s a sea turtle! See his head?” She pointed to the tip of the post, as two friends joined her, their voices animated and gleeful, calling me to share their discovery. I hesitated before I responded, explaining that it was a post deeply sunk into the sand, a post that appeared when the tide was out, a post I saw on a regular basis. “Oh well,” the woman sighed, “it was fun for a few minutes to think we’d spotted a sea turtle.” I thought about what I did, dashing her hopes of a turtle encounter. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but more often it’s destructive. If I choose to ignore my behavior, excusing its hurtful intent, creating rationalizations for misdeeds, I may find a few moments’ pleasure, but at the risk of my soul’s good health. God tells me He is the truth; either I turn toward the truth or I live in darkness and deceit. I hope those women find a sea turtle in the surf and enjoy its presence. And I pray, please Lord, help me know your truth and share it with others, not from arrogance but from love. Amen.

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