Moving Waters

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 Scientists have proposed there is a scientific basis that explains why people love to visit a beach or other forms of moving water.  Negative ions are excited by the movement in the water, and these ions impact the body by producing serotonin.  It is this serotonin which helps relieve depression and stress, elevating our daytime energy.  Long before people knew there was a scientific basis for their attraction to the beach, proximity to splashing waves or a towering waterfall has always proved satisfying.  Whether it’s the sound of the water, the cooling droplets on the skin, or the cleansing feel of water, people have always been drawn to it.  While I can’t deny the presence of negative ions or their generation by moving water, I can present my explanation.  God separated the seas from the land on the second day—and He saw it was good,  The creative energy moving through the water could be called ‘the Holy Spirit’, and perhaps it is that same spirit we sense in the water’s motion today.  Maybe ‘serotonin’ is another name for God’s spirit; always present in all things, but particularly evident when there is a state of fluidity.  Stress reduction, reduced depression, an elevated mood; this is proof of God moving in our bodies, making His presence felt.  Thank you, dear Lord, for the pleasure I feel around moving water.  Help me to seek and find your Holy presence in all things just as I experience it in living water. Amen.

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