My Commitment to My Church

Scripture calls us in Malachi 3:10 to bring all our tithes to the temple (or the church). It is a basic step of faith and God tells us He will bless us. In our membership vows we promise to support the church with our prayers, our presence, our gifts, and our service. That’s what faithful stewardship is all about.

Kathryn and I have practiced tithing (giving to 10% of our income) to whatever church we are attending since we married 51 years ago- I say that only as a testimony of God’s faithfulness. We have tithed when we had very little money and we have done it when we were making more than I ever imagined I would make and through it all we have found God to be faithful.

We not only tithe, we have always practiced pledging. Pledging simply helps the church practice good stewardship by giving some idea how much money can be expected.

Our church’s finance committee cut its budget this year to make sure we can meet our obligations. These cuts were difficult but again, we felt they were a part of the church practicing good stewardship.

I must admit that it is my fault that we are doing the campaign in February instead of November, but I am asking that you will prayerfully make your commitment and pledge so we can have a realistic guide for 2021. Most of us make pledges when we buy a house or a car or a credit card. Those pledges will create a debt if we do not meet them. Your pledge to the church helps the church plan, however you can adjust it at any time you need to. W adjusted ours to our church in Tallahassee when we came to be with you.

Please feel free to call or come sit down with me if you would like to talk about your commitment or ask me about our experience.

May God Bless You and This Church.

In His Love,

Bob Tindale

To read the Commitment Letter for 2021 please Click link below: