Many years ago I bought a visor cap with my school’s initials on it from the college bookstore.  Since then it’s been my ‘beach hat’, the hat I grab when I walk on the beach or work in the sun.  Today I noticed the strap is ripping and can’t be sewn.  I have perhaps a month or two of wearing left, and then my cap will have to be discarded.  I felt sad, as if the hat were one of many ‘things’ I must discard with age.  Friends depart, my energy is less than it was, good health isn’t assured, and I see the limitations of time being placed upon me.  More and more, Lord, I turn to you and your promise of immortality. You never change and in time to come, you will take me from time to timelessness.  I thank you, God; you rule change and establish eternity. Amen.

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