I watched the construction crew next door as they completed the house’s interior.  The man who worked on creating the ceiling texture wore stilts, allowing him to move freely without shifting a ladder.  But, I was surprised to see him climb two flights of outside stairs wearing the stilts.  He was forced to grip the railing and pull himself up slowly and clumsily, teetering from side to side, nearly falling several times.  I appreciate that attaching the stilts may take time, but still I wondered why he didn’t remove them and ascend the stairs normally in a fraction of the time.  But what about me and my ascent with Christ?  I war stilts that interfere with my climb—old guilt, pettiness, envy, anger—the list is long, the weight heavy. Why don’t I unbuckle myself from these impediments and free myself to climb swiftly?  Help me, Dear Lord, to unstrap from my feet those things which hold me back.  Help me move beside you without hesitation—without the weight of the past holding me down. Amen.

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