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New Creation!

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When I examine the beach sand carefully, I notice its constituent parts—small rock crystals, shards of ground shell, and tiny bits of beach detritus.  Everything undergoes transformation!  The fragments of rock may have once been part of an Appalachian peak, lofty and remote.  The shell was once a beautiful rare creature, perhaps unlike anything seen today.  Bits of seaweed and feathers once inhabited the depths or the heights of the horizon.  God transforms everything, creating the world anew.  May I too submit to your transforming hand, O God; reshape and remold me into your servant and your disciple.  May I be made useful and beautiful in your sight. Amen.

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Deflated DomesDeflated Domes

When I walk early in the morning, I see domes in the sand, small puffed-up areas where some clam has apparently inflated the sand.  If I step on one of these domes, it immediately collapses, leaving only a crushed roof and bits of scattered sand.  I wonder about the creature that created the dome, and wonder too if I make domes myself.  Sometimes I inflate my own self-worth, puffing myself up, generating hot air that creates a false sense of importance.  Then when adversity happens, the roof falls in and I’m crushed.  Forgive me, Father, for those times when I take all the credit myself for every good thing, leaving you out of my life.  I thank you that no matter how often I inflate myself, you accept me back into your house, forgiving me, loving me, and extending your grace to me.  Forgive me. Amen.

Bird FightsBird Fights

Our bird feeder was the scene of an altercation this morning.  The feed we buy has a few sunflower seeds, but mostly it consists of millet and other small grains.  Unfortunately, the crows, raccoons, woodpeckers, and black birds prefer the sunflower seeds.  They squabble and squawk at one another, refusing to be fair in the distribution of the rare seeds.  Each wants only sunflower seeds; let the others have the smaller offerings.  And so we hear verbal fisticuffs as they dive, attack, and scold one another.  How like humans they are!  Fighting, shrieking, and selfishly wanting only the best.  Instead of being grateful for the gifts placed into our lives by a loving father, we struggle and battle to have all the prizes, resentful if we aren’t the winners.  Forgive us our selfishness, and help me, in particular, to learn to share gracefully, thankfully, and eagerly. Amen.


  Each spring I carefully examine the golden sea oats as I climb the dune crossover.  Yes!  The new green shoots are visible, clearly spearheading their claim on summer.  I felt revived, grateful that a promise has been kept.  We don’t have the winter that northern climates must endure, but we have our own time of stilled life and increased darkness.  Winter is a season of tide fluctuations and unpredictable killing frosts.  Darkness persists into early morning hours, and showers are taking in a chilly room.  Winter here is a season for contemplation and thought, self-examination and analysis.  Winter is also a time when I try to reorder my priorities and establish a new order of importance.  I thank you, Lord, for the quiet season of winter; may the strength this season has given me clearly show in my renewed efforts to serve you. Amen.