New Neighbors

A family of great crested flycatchers has moved into our woodpecker house, apparently not at all disturbed that it was designed for another type of bird. I sit at the breakfast table and watch them through the binoculars as they fly in and out, often pausing on a branch first, as if preferring not to be seen entering the house. Today I spread bits of lint from the dryer and the carpet sweeper on nearby bushes, hoping it might make an appropriate and comfortable nest lining. One of the couple likes to sit just inside the entry, as if rocking on a porch, enjoying the neighborhood view. Among the joys of island life is the harmony I can feel with the world around me, a harmony built on mutual respect and appreciation. These birds will eat mosquitoes and bus while their beauty and song will enrich my life. I take these gifts so much for granted, too often failing to show my gratitude. Thank you, Dear Father, for the presence of birds in my life. From Noah’s Ark a dove bought proof of land ans survival; the birds in my life continue to bring me joy and beauty. I thank you for their presence as part of your daily abundance. Amen.

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