Nourishing Roots

A sign beside the beach access reminds everyone that it’s against the law to pick sea oats.  Their importance to the dune system can’t be over-emphasized, for it is the root system of the sea oats that helps form, shape, and stabilize the dunes.  This barrier repels the on-rushing water, protecting roads and homes when hurricane floods surge forward.  I think about my own root system of faith; how does God plant the seeds that help stabilize my faith when the waters of crisis roll over me?  Certainly my Bible reading helps, as does prayer that allows me time to converse and commune with God.  The sacrament of Holy Communion and the fellowship of those who share my faith also help me to nurture my faith’s roots.  I thank you, Lord that you have given me ways to strengthen my faith.  Please help me be diligent in protecting and nourishing the faith dunes that keep me safe when hard times wash over me. Amen.

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