Ocean Light

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Several years ago I spent two weeks in Paris, visiting many of the museums.  The seascapes captured my attention, as various artists attempted to depict the movement of the ocean, recording on the canvas its multiple moods.  They tried, using various techniques, to duplicate the light falling on waves, the path the sun lays upon the water when it breaks through clouds, the way foam allows light to penetrate and focus beyond.  The sea in storms, in placid waves, the sea in all of its moods and shades. When I return to the island, I stand quietly on the beach and watch the ocean, recognizing that the best of artists can only approximate what God does repeatedly each day, around the world, without our acknowledgment.  Light falls upon us like a gift, illuminating the world, but also highlighting the elements that surround us, allowing us to revel in their beauty.  Dear Lord, I take so many of your gifts for granted; forgive me for failing to thank you for the gift of light that reveals your world in an ever-changing panorama of beauty. Amen.

Image Credit: Ivan Aivazovsky’s “MOONLIT NIGHT”

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