Prayers from the Island On the Wings of an Eagle

On the Wings of an Eagle

Eagles nest near our house, nests lodged high in pine trees. I have seen the eagles fly to their nests, sometimes carrying a fish home to their hatchlings. How grandly they soar! And how regal they seem, as if I can hear their wings beating, the house shadowed as they pass over. I have watched them resettle in the nest, confident of their perch regardless of its height and precarious position. It’s no wonder eagles are used in the Bible as symbols of power and grace. We are borne up on the wings of an eagle to God’s side, safely sequestered in a nest where our souls are fed and our hearts made glad. What a wonderful image! When I feel dejected and powerless, when my life seems without purpose or meaning, I thank you Lord for the eagle you send, the eagle who lifts my spirits and fills me with joy, an eagle who returns me to your side and your sheltering nest. I thank you, Lord, for the eagles sent to me. Amen.

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