It began to sprinkle a bit during my walk this afternoon—just enough to make tiny dents in the dry sand.  Each drop was a crater, sculpting its own descent into the white sand.  This is a phenomenon I rarely see, for when it rains hard, all the sand is wet and the drops cancel out one another.  But today I see the impact of one tiny drip, measurable in the sand, and I wonder about my impact on the world of people and nature.  Sometimes, Lord, I am careless and wasteful with the world you’ve given into my keeping.  I walk with heavy abandon, unthinking of the impact my presence has upon your creation.  Recognizing that  a single raindrop can leave its trace, may I strive to walk softly, to treat this earth more tenderly, and to tend with gentle affection the beautiful world you’ve given us. Amen.

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