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One Little Star

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One Little Star

By Marilyn McCann

Just one little star glimmers through the inky darkness of the
night sky, lifting the shadows from my spirit and making me
smile. Since I was a child, I have loved the velvet softness of
twilight and the shroud of darkness as it gently falls upon the
earth. So, this was no small gift to me. Often sick as a little
girl, I was required to go to bed very early and there was
held captive by the glorious even-song of robins, raised as
hymns of praise to our Creator. Then, as darkness fell and
my sister slept in the next bed, I would tiptoe to the bedroom
window to gaze with awe and a deep sense of yearning at
the moon and stars in all their glory. Then and now there is
peace that descends upon my heart like velvet to my soul as
the sun sets, the moon rises and the stars make their grand
entrance; all in praise of the great I AM. It is the time of day I
always feel immensely close to God, even though I KNOW
he is present in every sunrise of every day. But I see
sunrise as a promise and sunset, moon rise as the answer to
that promise. Because just as the moon reflects and gathers
its’ inner glow from the sun, so we too reflect life giving light
from God’s very own precious Son. Pure gift!
Yes, tonight one little star brought a smile to my lips and joy
and peace to my heart, as once again I experience the
awesome tenderness and generosity of God’s love for me
expressed in the magnificence of the night sky.
Sun, moon and stars, by their very being, invite us to join
them in their worship-full praise of our Creator, while at the
same time providing us glimpses of the wondrous Love of
our very own Father God.


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Tom Loughridge Delighted Audiences with His Direction of The Time of Your LifeTom Loughridge Delighted Audiences with His Direction of The Time of Your Life

Tom Loughridge and Liz Sisung at rehearsals for The Time of Your Life

 Our own Tom Loughridge directed The Panhandle Players of the Forgotten Coast in the classic Pulitzer Prize winning drama The Time of Your Life, by William Saroyan, at the historic Chapman Auditorium in Apalachicola, at Hwy 98 and 12th Street on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 10 and 11 at 7:30 pm, and Sunday, Feb. 12 at 3:00 pm.

An article in the Apalachicola Times offered a perfect description for the play:

Set in a run down, Depression-era waterfront cabaret, namely the “Pacific Street Saloon, Restaurant, and Entertainment Palace,” the action offers juke box music, dancing, and a piano player tickling the ivories for the down-and-out denizens, working stiffs, and slumming upper-crust of San Francisco who come through its doors to find hope, love and second chances along with their beer, wine, and double Scotches. They each have a tale to tell. They each are uplifted by, and find solace in one another. The play’s theme is best expressed by William Saroyan himself, “In the time of your life, live—so that in that wondrous time you shall not add to the misery and sorrow of the world, but shall smile to the infinite delight and mystery of it.”

Tom wanted to direct The Time of Your Life for a very long time. At Ohio’s Denison Summer Theatre in 1949, Tom saw The Time of Your Life staged in a tent theater where “June bugs flew in front of the lights and crickets could be heard outside.” At age 15, it was his first experience seeing a stage play and he was hooked. Twenty-six years later, he appeared as the Kit Carson character in The Colorado West Players production of the play.

Tom Loughridge (left) played Kit Carson in a 1975 production

And now, in 2017, with the assistance of Liz Sisung, he gathered an ensemble cast from Franklin and Gulf Counties to play 23 idiosyncratic characters in this Panhandle Players production.

The production was met with a very positive response. Tom’s hard work and determination paid off as audiences and critics alike were delighted at each performance of The Time of Your Life. We can’t wait to see what Tom has in store for us next!


Belonging To YouBelonging To You

What would I do without you?
Where would I go, east or west, north or south?
I’d be lost in a world cold and lonely at best;
Wandering, and confused by unrest.
When suddenly I hear your tender voice,
“Rejoice and be glad for you belong to me.”

Belonging to you, Lord. Yes, belonging to you. I was born from your heart; there’s no doubt in my mind. Going home to your mansions when my last breath is done is a gift from our Father to his daughters and sons.

I cry out to you in trembling and fear.
My God! My God!
Why have you forsaken me?
There’s a God-sized hole in my heart.
Then, tenderly you whispered in my heart,
“My child!
Oh, my child the desert will lead to me.”

Belonging to you, Lord. Yes, belonging to you. I was born from your heart; there’s no doubt in my mind. Going home to your mansions when my last breath is done, is a gift from our Father to his daughters and sons.

The gift of your love brings me life and
freedom from sin and despair.
For I’m washed in your blood,
Pure and holy in your sight and your grace
Is sufficient for me.
Then blessed by your peace my heart sings its’ song:
Rejoice and be glad for I belong to you.
COPYRIGHT Words/Music inspired by and dedicated to the Holy Trinity by Marilyn McCann

Pam Tullous Teaches Popular Series of Computer Classes at SGIUMCPam Tullous Teaches Popular Series of Computer Classes at SGIUMC

Not every church is lucky enough to count an experienced IT trainer as a member, much less an expert willing to share such valuable knowledge for free. SGIUMC is blessed on both counts. Before beginning a very busy retirement, Pam Tullous was the Lead IT Training Specialist for Patton Boggs LLP. Since moving to St. George Island, she has used her extensive technical know-how to benefit the citizens of Franklin County in a number of ways, including by serving as a volunteer at the library, where she helped citizens of all ages access and use the free computers effectively. While some people may want to check social media or simply keep up with the news, other people need computers and internet access to apply for necessities like housing or jobs. Seeing a need in her community for more computer training, Pam offered a series of computer classes at SGIUMC during February and March to offer training on Windows 10, Excel, and Facebook. In addition to the group classes, she also scheduled one-on-one time with students who had specific issues for which they needed help. We greatly appreciate Pam’s willingness to use her talents and abilities to help others.