One Piece of Shell

When I walk on the beach at the water’s edge, I sometimes see an object just ahead in the surf. When I reach the spot, I discover it’s a piece of shell sticking out of the sand, just one, solitary shell. And yet, that one shell has deflected the water, creating a small barrier, and the sea has to divide in two around it. If I unearth the shell and hold it in my hand, it’s difficult to believe one piece of shell has such an effect on the ocean, and yet my eyes have seen its power. If one shell, by sticking up, can have so much impact on the mighty water, what could one person accomplish? What if I were to talk openly about my faith, tell others what God has done in my life, give God the praise for any success I’ve had—what impact would that have on those around me? Forgive me, Lord, when I am reluctant to speak out, when I feel powerless, when I am afraid to confront the evil that flourishes in the world. Keep me in mind of that shell’s power, and help me to be a servant of good. Amen.

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