Open Shells

I tripped on a large shell today and splashed water on my feet.   Interesting, isn’t it, that some shells are positioned so they face up, catching the water and cupping it within their curves.  Other shells may appear oblivious of the water, but these few shells are receptive, holding its bounty and sharing it with anyone or anything that touches them.  I think of God’s abundant grace and blessings, as well as my response to his generosity.  Do I move through the day blind to what I’ve been given, or do I share knowledge of that spirit and love with all whose lives I touch?  Forgive me, Father, when I take your love for granted, failing to collect it within my life.  Help me live so that I can lavish your love on all those with whom I come in contact.  May I, like that shell, live my life ‘face up’, sharing your bounty and beauty. Amen.

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