Our Daily Bread

Tomorrow is a “big town” shopping day. We will make the nearly 200 mile round trip foray into the city to stock up on groceries and supplies that are difficult to find on the island. We leave early in the morning and return late afternoon, having visited as many stores as possible, running through the items on our list. Each day I pray I will be granted “my daily bread”, but island life means sometimes I have to freeze next week’s loaf as well. Lacking an additional freezer, I must plan carefully for supplies so I’ll have ingredients on hand when I prepare a meal. I’m afraid I spend less time organizing my emotional survival than I do my day-to-day physical well-being, as though it’s less important or pressing. I need help keeping myself aware that food involves not only physical nutrition but also spiritual nutrition. Jesus said He was the Bread of Life. Do I work as hard to have that Blessed Loaf as I do my daily whole wheat loaf? How much time and effort do I make insuring that my relationship with God is also rich and wholesome? Please help me, Lord, use even my idle travel time to be in communion with you, making my requests known to you and thanking you for your bounty in my life. Amen.

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