I watched a sandpiper this morning as he raced a ghost crab to its hole.  Patiently, patiently, he stood beside the hole long after the crab disappeared, not moving his body, absolutely still.  He waited for a long time, staring quietly at the vacant hole.  I stood and watched, awed by the sandpiper’s suspension of movement.  When the crab suddenly reappeared, certain the bird had vanished, he was quickly gobbled up.  I think of my own impatience, how often I give God my timetables, my schedules, my deadlines and ask Him to move on my terms.  I need, like that sandpiper, to learn patience.  Please, God, may I wait at your side, knowing that your timetable is better than mine.  Please teach me to be patient; forgive me my foolish demands. Let me be still and know that you are God. Amen.

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