Each spring I carefully examine the golden sea oats as I climb the dune crossover.  Yes!  The new green shoots are visible, clearly spearheading their claim on summer.  I felt revived, grateful that a promise has been kept.  We don’t have the winter that northern climates must endure, but we have our own time of stilled life and increased darkness.  Winter is a season of tide fluctuations and unpredictable killing frosts.  Darkness persists into early morning hours, and showers are taking in a chilly room.  Winter here is a season for contemplation and thought, self-examination and analysis.  Winter is also a time when I try to reorder my priorities and establish a new order of importance.  I thank you, Lord, for the quiet season of winter; may the strength this season has given me clearly show in my renewed efforts to serve you. Amen.

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