Rocky Boat

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 A strong line of high winds and thunderstorms passed through last night in the deepest hours of darkness when the world seems most vulnerable and a house’s shell most fragile.  I lay awake, watching the flashes of lightning, hearing the thunderclaps, feeling the impact of wind and rain against my windows.  Living in a city provides a sense of protection with houses almost touching and wide paved areas impenetrable to rain.  Here on the island each of us is exposed, open expanses for sheets of water and wind to explore, wide windows and doors for branches to crash, pine cones that strike like missiles.

I can understand how the disciples must have felt in their storm-tossed boat on the sea, so fearful they woke Jesus.  He rose and quieted storm.  Sometimes I feel as if the boat of my life is rocking out of control, and I want to make certain Jesus isn’t sleeping, ignorant of my plight.  Please, Lord, quiet the storms in my life, both those that rage within and without.  Grant me the faith to outwait the storm, faith to know you are not asleep. Amen.

Boat in a Lightning Storm

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Nourishing RootsNourishing Roots

A sign beside the beach access reminds everyone that it’s against the law to pick sea oats.  Their importance to the dune system can’t be over-emphasized, for it is the root system of the sea oats that helps form, shape, and stabilize the dunes.  This barrier repels the on-rushing water, protecting roads and homes when hurricane floods surge forward.  I think about my own root system of faith; how does God plant the seeds that help stabilize my faith when the waters of crisis roll over me?  Certainly my Bible reading helps, as does prayer that allows me time to converse and commune with God.  The sacrament of Holy Communion and the fellowship of those who share my faith also help me to nurture my faith’s roots.  I thank you, Lord that you have given me ways to strengthen my faith.  Please help me be diligent in protecting and nourishing the faith dunes that keep me safe when hard times wash over me. Amen.


  This morning I found a perfect sand dollar on the beach, whole and unblemished.  Such finds are rare for me, because waves can be brutal and crush the fragile shell.  When we walk on the beach and find a partially fragmented sand dollar, we joke that it’s only worth fifty cents or a quarter, or even a dime, depending upon its crushed condition.  How blessed I am that God doesn’t measure our worth as we jokingly measure sand dollars.  Always He sees us as we would hope to be, whole and unbroken, worth the full amount, forgiven by his mercy and love.  In God’s eyes I am never depreciated in value, no matter how fragmented I may appear.  Dear Father, please help me, I pray, to see the value in all whom I meet—each individual a perfect, unbroken creation.

On the Wings of an EagleOn the Wings of an Eagle

Eagles nest near our house, nests lodged high in pine trees. I have seen the eagles fly to their nests, sometimes carrying a fish home to their hatchlings. How grandly they soar! And how regal they seem, as if I can hear their wings beating, the house shadowed as they pass over. I have watched them resettle in the nest, confident of their perch regardless of its height and precarious position. It’s no wonder eagles are used in the Bible as symbols of power and grace. We are borne up on the wings of an eagle to God’s side, safely sequestered in a nest where our souls are fed and our hearts made glad. What a wonderful image! When I feel dejected and powerless, when my life seems without purpose or meaning, I thank you Lord for the eagle you send, the eagle who lifts my spirits and fills me with joy, an eagle who returns me to your side and your sheltering nest. I thank you, Lord, for the eagles sent to me. Amen.