Roots Exposed

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On the bay side of the island, trees stand on the beach near the water.  Their roots are exposed, spreading out below them as the dead branches fan out above them.  How secure they must have once seemed, their roots firmly planted in the earth, their trunks strong and mighty.  Now they stand lifeless, waiting to be toppled by heavy winds or high waves.  I wonder what truly is secure in my own life; sometimes things seem to be going well for me and I assume credit for my success, as if I were the shaper and ruler of my own life.  But I know, in my heart, that I am like those dead trees.  Unless I am grounded firmly in God, my roots are shallow and easily eroded.  Please, Lord, help me put my entire faith in you so I can withstand the storms of wind and waves. Help me to live my faith and my life deeply buried in you. Amen.

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