Salt Spray

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   An eastern wind blew against my face as I walked on the beach today.  My glasses quickly covered with salt spray and I couldn’t see the markers that usually determine the length of my walk.  I was cold and huddled inside my jacket, trying to draw breath against the wind.  And all the time I knew when I turned around and retraced my steps, that same wind would propel me home.  What was once an adversary would become my propeller, making the walk easier and swifter.  Thank you, God, for showing me that even in adversity I can take comfort in your presence. On the other side of every painful event there is the joy of your presence.  May the crises of my life give me an opportunity to grown in faith and spirit.  May I pass through hard times and emerge more swift and refreshed in my walk with you. Amen.

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Soothing SilenceSoothing Silence

 Renters across the street had a noisy weekend.  Their trash barrel is overflowing with empty beer cases and liquor bottles.  I heard singing and shouting until late at night, loud voices moving in the darkness, landing with a thud on my bed.  I try not to resent their noise, reminding myself they’re probably young and feel the need to shout.  And yet I can’t help but think of silence and its beauty.  I know that silence between people can sometimes be cold and hate-filled, but silence between friends is beautiful, the sharing of unspoken thoughts proof of closeness and love.  I revel in silence.  Forgive me, Father, when I talk too much at you and fail to listen and lie silent.  Help me hear more of your voice and less of my own. Amen.


Friend and FoeFriend and Foe

When we moved to FL from MI, we were given weird tales of flora and fauna.  Gators that lurked everywhere, dining each evening on cats and dogs.  Snakes, all poisonous, hiding under each leaf, eager to puncture and inject their venom.  Poisonous plants and trees, scorpions and centipedes, millipedes and giant cockroaches—creeping, crawling, and flying horrors that seemed overwhelming.  I’ve lived here now for 24 years, and my life is one of peaceful détente. Yes, there are poisonous creatures, but their poison is chiefly a defensive mechanism; if left alone, they tend to hurry away.  Should such a creature be more persistent, the hose usually does the job.  There are, it’s true, some unwelcome creatures here that bite with unpleasant consequences, but similar creatures exist in most other places as well.  All in all, I am in awe of the world around me.  Live and let live is our general philosophy since we are the newcomers.  To see the beauty and variety of the world around me is to see God in all of His creative energy.

Flowers Along a Garden Path

God’s GardenGod’s Garden

Flowers Along a Garden Path Each morning I walk among my plants, searching for new buds, trying to determine the status of plants wounded by winter’s frosts, appreciating the daffodils, pansies, and pinks.  One day I see no buds; the next I find buds well advanced on branches previously bare.  I watch my plants carefully, drawing pleasure from their sturdiness, worrying over their illnesses, excited over their successful blooms.  I think God must sometimes feel like a gardener, walking over the face of His world.  We are His plants.  He worries about our survival, our failure to flourish, our setbacks, and He must celebrate with us our successful blossoming as His people. God, I pray that you will help me grow and bloom; may my life bring you glory and be a source of good for others. Amen.