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Sand Everywhere

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Sand!  There is sand everywhere in my house!  When I walk on the beach wearing shoes and socks, the sand finds its way to my bare feet, nestles between my toes, and sticks to my ankles.  If I’m barefooted, I try to wash off the sand before entering the house, but the stairs have their own sandy coating, so I replace one layer of sand with another.   My carpet sometimes looks pale beige, so evenly does a sand layer coat it.  I’m reminded of the Psalmist who found God everywhere he looked—in the deepest chasm or the highest clouds.  I can better appreciate that sense of omnipresence when I think of sand—blowing, filming adhering, and surrounding me–inescapable.  I thank you, Lord for your ability to penetrate my life at every level—wherever I look and touch, you are there. Amen.


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Treasure ChestTreasure Chest

A friend visits yard sales, collecting heaps of old jewelry, most of it cheap and out of style.  When children come to visit for the first time, he builds a rough chest, fills it with the jewelry and chocolate coins, and buries it in the sandy beach before his house.  Then he fashions a crudely drawn treasure map, chars the edges, and puts it in an old book the children are certain to read, or one he asks them to bring him.  When they discover the map, he helps them decipher it and the treasure is unearthed.  What joy when they open the chest and discover the jewels and treats inside! They scream and laugh, dancing in the sand at their find.  As Christians, we too have a treasure and a map that helps us discover it.  When I turn to the Bible, I am directed to the most precious find of all, and led to believe and receive that treasure.  Thank you Lord, for the map and the gift; help me share my discovery and guide others to your revelation. Amen.

Breathe DeeplyBreathe Deeply

When I travel to another country, I take with me a small bottle of perfume I’ve never worn before.  I use it during the trip, and when I return home, that scent helps me recall where I’ve been and what I’ve experienced.  When I’ve left the island for any length of time, the scent of the ocean first greets me, even before I can see its expanse.  The salty tang of seawater mixed with the hint of sea life is like an elixir that reminds me I’m home.  I breathe in deeply and celebrate a scent that must have been one of the first aromas that existed when God created the world.  We sniff our surroundings without thought, but perhaps there is nothing more evocative of our past than the sense of smell, and how blessed with are to possess such a powerful sense!  I thank you, Lord, for giving me this privilege, for providing me with this avenue to connect to the beautiful world around me, to connect with you. Amen.

The Gift of ColorThe Gift of Color

 The redbud trees are in bloom on the mainland!  I tell myself I can see them across the bay, though I know that’s not really possible.  I want to see them, and so I imagine I can.  They provide a splash of spring color that my eyes soak up, as if they were pink lemonade foam.  I think, as I look at the sky, the ocean, and the sand, of the gift of colors.  Perhaps those who minister in the church often wear black with touches of white because it’s thought bright colors interfere with our ability to focus; they distract us with their splashes of frivolous color.  But for me, the gift of colors is crucial. Colors remind me that our God is a God of beauty who wants us to see and appreciate the world He’s given us.  Colors are a remnant of Eden, a world made perfect and wholly good.  I thank you, God, for colors and for the delight they bring into our everyday lives. Amen.