When I walk to the beach in the nearby state park, I use a wooden crossover to gain access.  Open at the sides, this wooden structure must regularly be brushed free of sand or it becomes so clogged that people no longer use it, climbing over the dune instead.  Because the dune is fragile, park workers try to keep the crossover clear, but sometimes they fall behind.  It’s incredible how quickly the sand accumulates, how it collects in deep drifts that make walking very difficult, tempting people to choose the dune instead.  I think of my own prayers life; how I neglect my prayer time for one day because I’m too busy, and again the next day I feel pressed for time, and then….  Soon my prayer time is covered with excuses, and I begin to find a path around my conversations with God.  Forgive me, Lord, for too often ignoring you, neglecting to sweep my prayer time path from any excuses or missed opportunities. Amen.

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