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A new home is being built across the road from our house.  As the pilings are pounded into the ground, the impact shakes my house with earthquake echoes.  Bang, bang, bang. Incessant.  I’m reminded of the Biblical directive to erect our homes not on sand, but on rock, a foundation able to withstand the force of moving water and grinding wind.  Here there is no rock, only sand, so an artificial substratum of pilings is required.  I think of all the artificial foundations’ I attempt to build on in my life—agreeable personality, intelligence, and good deeds, hoping these will insure my existence’s security.  They fail, of course, because there is only one sure rock foundation—Jesus Christ.  Forgive me, Lord, when I seek to replace you with puny props; you are my only sure hope, the rock on which I build. Amen.

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