Prayers from the Island Sometime Soon

Sometime Soon

Sometimes I collect an unfamiliar shell on my beach walk to bring home and identify. As I examine the photographs and paragraphs detailing the unique specifics of various shells, I’m overwhelmed with my lack of knowledge. I live on this island permanently, and yet I know so very little about even the most common shells under my feet. Each time I close the shell guide, I promise myself that “sometime soon” I’ll sit down and begin a careful study, but I haven’t yet. My attention is focused somewhere else, and I put the book away. I’m afraid too often I’m like that about my Bible study as well. I live among gifts of God’s grace, encountering examples of love and forgiveness throughout my day’s walk. Like shells, they are abundant wherever I step. Still, I vaguely promise to study in depth the book God has revealed to me “sometime soon” but not quite yet. Father, forgive me please my failure to attend to your word and your wishes. Help me focus more intently on you and the book of revelation you’ve given to all of us. Amen.

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