On overcast, cloudy days, I have seen visitors to the island try to get a tan, convinced there is no need for lotion since they can’t see the light, clouded from the sun. Later, as they spread cooling lotion on their burned skin, they realize the ultra-violet light is present even in the cloud-filtered sun. I’ve seen their burns as they shop at the grocery store, or come to church. Such light doesn’t have to be seen to be present, but exists in a spectrum our human eyes can’t distinguish. Perhaps God is like ultra-violet light—a reality that exists even when we can’t distinguish or choose not to acknowledge him. His light continues to shine on us, extending grace and love, oblivious though we may be, no matter how blind we may be. Please, Heavenly Father, continue to shine your light in my life and help me be an agent of light for others. Amen.

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