Sweet Smell

Sometimes when people pass me on the beach, I smell suntan lotion, liberally applied.  I remember a dear friend from many years ago.  We lived in frigid Michigan, and all winter he used suntan lotion as his cologne.  We all thought Bob smelled wonderful, but couldn’t decide why.  Then it finally occurred to us; he smelled like sunshine and beaches, like oceans and lakes, like school vacations and lazy days.  His suntan smell conjured up all these images, and in bleak winter we appreciated his scent.  We’re told in the Bible to strive to produce a “sweet smell” by the actions we take.  I wonder about my own actions.  When I have touched the lives of others, do I leave them with the sweet aroma of Christianity or do they smell someone who fails to love and forgive as Christ demands?  Please help me, Lord, to be a “sweet smell” so that those whom I pass may be drawn to you. Amen.

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