When I walk close to the water’s edge, I can feel the tidal pull of the ocean.  It seems to draw me closer with an invisible hand, summoning me somehow.  What is it, I wonder, that lures me so to the water, making me feel as if I might stumble into its foam when the waves retreat?  It’s nothing I can see, but I recognize it as a force that tugs at me.  I assume what I feel is the tide’s force, but I can’t be certain.  Sin is like that too; it exerts on me a tempting pull, drawing me in with invisible cords.  I can sometimes feel the tug at my spirit, urging me “ just this once” or “you’re too tired to pray tonight,”  “too tired to read the Bible, to make amends with someone you’ve hurt—too tired”.  Steady me, I pray Lord.  Keep your hand in mine and pull me from the water’s edge when I feel myself being drawn in.  Hold me fast, I pray. Amen.

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